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Adoptees rights to their own information is an issue that has been ignored by successive governments. Minister Zappone's bill is no different.

Earlier this year, Aitheantas – Adoptee Identity Rights members participated in the pausing of this bill and Minister Zappone agreed to engage in futher discussions to find a way forward.

We have had no input, as Adoptee advocates and directly affected by any future legislation. We have been presented with ‘pathways’ forward that are not pathways, but cul de sacs.

We know that this ‘open, modern and liberal’ government can do better.

We deserve better and we need you to tell TD’s, Senators and in particular, your own TD, how you feel.

We are all in this together, we stand together, we have waited for this for too long, we can either accept the crumbs we are being offered or make a stand once and for all and demand more. We deserve better, we are not secrets, we are not being hidden anymore.

We have drafted a letter that you can use, simply click the link to email your TD or Senator by Constituency or Party. You can leave it as it is, although we recommend that you add your personal experiences.

A guide to emailing your TD: what you should include in your email

  • Select who you would like to send the letter to. You can filter them by constituency or party.
  • Personalize your email. The less like a mass mail this is, the better! If it’s personalised, it’s more meaningful. Mention your personal experiences and frustrations with current adoption law and the proposed bill. Lots of personalised emails about the same issue are very impactful, because they’re often seen as an indicator of public support or interest. 
  • Mention Aitheantas – Adoptee Identity Rights & ask them to engage with us. 

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